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Recurrent Training

We offer diverse pilot training programs with experienced instructors dedicated to helping individuals become confident and safe pilots, guiding them towards their aviation goals. Click below to explore.

Biannual Flight Review

The biannual flight review course is a comprehensive program designed to assess and enhance pilots' skills, knowledge, and safety practices. This course covers a wide range of topics including flight maneuvers, regulations, emergency procedures, and aviation best practices.


Through a combination of classroom instruction, simulator exercises, and in-flight training, pilots undergo thorough evaluation and receive personalized feedback to improve their flying abilities. This recurrent training ensures that pilots remain current, competent, and confident in their abilities to safely operate aircraft.


Training can be done in one of our aircraft, or your own!

Image by Nick Hillier
Instrument Proficiency Check
Image by Laurent Perren

Instrument Proficiency Check

Our instrument proficiency check is a thorough evaluation that assesses a pilot's ability to safely operate an aircraft solely by reference to instruments, ensuring proficiency in instrument flight procedures and emergency situations.

Conducted by experienced instructors, the check includes tasks such as precision approaches, holding patterns, partial panel flying, and recovery from unusual attitudes. Pilots undergo simulated scenarios to demonstrate their competency in managing various inflight situations and adherence to regulatory requirements, guaranteeing they remain proficient and capable of handling instrument flight conditions effectively.

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