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FAA Testing

Colorado Flight Center offers on-site FAA knowledge exams through our PSI testing center. PSI is the official testing center of the FAA.

FAA Computerized Testing

Experience unparalleled convenience at The Colorado Flight Center, where we proudly offer on-site FAA knowledge tests through PSI, the official testing company of the FAA. Eliminate the hassle of traveling to external testing centers – our state-of-the-art facility provides a seamless and comfortable environment for your FAA exams. With the latest technology and a commitment to efficiency, we ensure a stress-free testing experience. Whether you're pursuing drone certification or traditional pilot qualifications, our on-site testing services streamline the process, allowing you to focus on your success in achieving FAA knowledge and advancing your aviation career. 


    1. Go to If you are a new applicant, select “Register” and create your account. Once your account is created, you will be given an FTN - Federal Tracking Number - you will need this number in order to register with PSI to take your knowledge test. (Current student pilots will already have an IACRA login, and will just need to retrieve their FTN.)

    2. Go to Select “Create an Account” if this is your first time signing up and taking an FAA knowledge test, or “Sign In” if you already have one. 

    3. Follow the prompts, selecting the specifics of the test you are signing up to take. When prompted to select a testing center, choose “Colorado Flight Center” and pick from the available dates and times listed.  


    1. A valid government issued photo ID with a current address 

    2. An endorsement of eligibility to take the test, a completion certificate, or a previous knowledge test score report (if applicable - Drone/p.107 applicants will not need this) 

  • Please contact us at 970.254.0444 for more information regarding testing, exam requirements, and sign ups. When you are ready to take your test, please schedule well ahead of time, as testing space is limited.

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