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Other Courses and Programs

Colorado Flight Center offers a variety of different flight-related courses. Ranging from Simulation training to more advanced, Complex and High Performance trainings, these additional courses are available to you whether you are just looking to start your journey of becoming a Pilot, or if you are an experienced veteran.

TAA Training

Our Technically Advanced Airplanes (TAA) program provides pilots with hands-on experience and in-depth instruction on the latest avionics systems and cockpit technologies, ensuring proficiency in modern aircraft operation.


Technically advanced training equips pilots with comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in utilizing the latest avionics systems and cockpit technologies found in modern aircraft. This training is essential as it ensures pilots are proficient in operating and navigating using advanced systems such as GPS, glass cockpit displays, autopilot systems, and electronic flight instrument systems (EFIS). By mastering these technologies, pilots can enhance safety, efficiency, and situational awareness during flight operations, ultimately contributing to a higher level of aviation proficiency and safety standards in the rapidly evolving aviation landscape. 


TAA training can also be utilized as part of the curriculum for obtaining a commercial pilot's license. This training focuses on mastering the advanced avionics and cockpit technologies found in modern aircraft, which are increasingly prevalent in commercial aviation. By incorporating TAA training into their commercial pilot's license curriculum, aspiring pilots gain proficiency in operating and navigating using advanced systems such as GPS, glass cockpit displays, autopilot systems, and electronic flight instrument systems (EFIS). 


We have a high-fidelity Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) flight simulator equipped with G1000 capability, replicating the advanced avionics found in modern aircraft. Additionally, our rental and training fleet feature Garmin GPS systems, providing hands-on experience with the same technology used in real-world flight operations. This integration of advanced simulation and actual aircraft training ensures our students gain comprehensive proficiency in utilizing modern cockpit technologies, setting them apart as highly skilled and adaptable pilots in today's aviation industry.

Complex/High Performance

Complex/High Performance

Our complex and high-performance checkouts provide pilots with thorough training and evaluation, ensuring proficiency in handling advanced aircraft models and meeting regulatory requirements, allowing you to fly higher, faster, farther, and safer. 


Our complex and high-performance checkouts adhere to FAA regulations and involve comprehensive training and evaluation on aircraft models with retractable landing gear, flaps, and controllable-pitch propellers (complex), or aircraft with more than 200 horsepower (high performance).  Pilots undergo thorough instruction and proficiency assessments to ensure compliance with FAA requirements outlined in FAR Part 61.31 and Part 91.409, guaranteeing safe and proficient operation of these advanced aircraft types.

Owned Aircraft Training

We offer the unique capability to provide training in your own aircraft, ensuring personalized instruction tailored to your specific aircraft type and allowing for familiarity with your individual cockpit setup.

Our training program offers the flexibility and expertise to conduct personalized instruction in your own aircraft. This tailored approach ensures that pilots receive training specific to their aircraft type, allowing for familiarization with individual cockpit configurations, avionics systems, and performance characteristics. By training in your own aircraft, you benefit from a customized learning experience that maximizes proficiency and comfort, ultimately enhancing safety and confidence in your flying endeavors. Insurance, scheduling, and aircraft logistics are all worked out in advance, providing a smooth and streamlined training experience.

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Mountain Flying Course

Our mountain flying course offers pilots specialized training in navigating challenging terrain and weather conditions, ensuring safety and proficiency when flying in mountainous regions.

Our custom mountain flying course is tailored to provide pilots with specialized training in navigating the unique challenges of mountainous terrain. Delivered by experienced instructors, this course covers essential topics such as high-density altitude operations, mountain weather patterns, wind effects, and terrain avoidance techniques. Practical flight training includes maneuvers such as ridge crossings, mountain airport operations, and emergency procedures specific to mountain flying. By focusing on the skills and knowledge necessary for safe and confident mountain flying, our custom course prepares pilots to operate effectively in challenging mountain environments, enhancing overall aviation safety.

​Simulation Training

Simulation Training

Our simulator training provides pilots with an immersive and regulatory-compliant experience to enhance their proficiency and readiness for real-world flying scenarios

Our Redbird TD2 BATD flight simulator training offers pilots a highly realistic and immersive experience, allowing them to practice a wide range of flight maneuvers, procedures, and scenarios in a controlled environment that closely mirrors real-world conditions.


Our flight simulator can be integrated in various ways to enhance the learning experience for pilots. Firstly, it serves as an invaluable tool for initial flight training, allowing student pilots to familiarize themselves with basic flight controls, instruments, and procedures in a safe and controlled environment before transitioning to actual aircraft. This helps reduce the overall cost of flight training by minimizing the time spent in the air.


Additionally, the simulator can be used for proficiency checks and recurrent training to maintain and enhance pilot skills. Pilots can practice a wide range of flight maneuvers, emergency procedures, and instrument approaches, including scenarios that may be difficult or dangerous to replicate in real aircraft. This enables pilots to refine their skills and build confidence in handling various in-flight situations without the associated risks.


Moreover, the Redbird TD2 BATD simulator can supplement in-flight training by providing a platform for ground-based instruction. Instructors can use the simulator to demonstrate complex concepts, review flight scenarios, and conduct pre-flight briefings in a dynamic and interactive manner. This helps reinforce theoretical knowledge and allows students to visualize and understand practical applications before applying them in the air.


Overall, integrating the Redbird TD2 BATD flight simulator into your flight training offers numerous benefits, including cost-effectiveness, enhanced safety, and improved learning outcomes for student pilots and experienced aviators alike.

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