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Accelerated Programs

Our Accelerated Courses* are not for everyone. However, if your schedule is such that you cannot accomplish your training by taking two or three sessions a week, or you want to come to Colorado and focus on achieving your aviation objective, then an accelerated program might be just the thing! All certificates and ratings can be tailored in an accelerated form per the customer’s request, timeframe, and budget.

*All Accelerated courses require the FFA Written Test to be done and passed in order to enroll.

Accelerated Pilot Program

Our accelerated program, which consists of two-a-day, 4-hour sessions, 5 or 6 days per week can enable you to achieve your Private Pilot certification in as little as one month.  If you already have some flight training in your logbook, it is not wasted as all of it counts.

Our focus is on helping you complete all of the specific requirements needed to earn a Private Pilot Certificate such as cross-country instruction, solo flying, night and instrument training, airborne and ground reference maneuvers proficiency, and so forth, along with building both the knowledge and airmanship skills necessary to become a competent and confident VFR pilot.


  • Have completed their FAA Knowledge test (Via the Sporty’s Learn to Fly course or other FAA approved curriculum)

  • Have already obtained their FAA medical and Student Pilot’s Certificate

Image by Pasqualino Capobianco
Other Courses an Programs

Accelerated Instrument Program

Similar to our Accelerated Pilot Program, our Accelerated Instrument Rating program offers twice-a-day, 4-hour sessions, 4-5 times a week. Tailored for swift attainment of the instrument rating, candidates will undergo rigorous ground instruction and flight training, including instrument flight rules (IFR), instrument navigation, flight planning, weather theory, regulations, and instrument approaches, preparing them comprehensively for instrument flight operations.


With a customized schedule and focus on real-world scenarios, pilots efficiently enhance their skills and proficiency, ensuring safety and competence in instrument flight.


  • Have completed their FAA Knowledge test (Via the Sporty’s Instrument Rating course or other FAA approved curriculum)

  • Have obtained their FAA medical and Private Pilot’s Certificate

  • Have accumulated the majority of the 50 hrs. of cross-country PIC time

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