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Instrument Rating - 15 to 30 Days


Our accelerated instrument rating program is a comprehensive and intensive training course designed to efficiently guide pilots through the process of obtaining their instrument rating within an accelerated timeframe. Tailored for individuals with a strong commitment to learning and a desire to enhance their piloting skills, this program provides rigorous ground instruction and flight training to prepare pilots for instrument flight operations.


In order to apply for the Private Pilot Accelerated Program, students must: 

  • Have completed their FAA Knowledge test (Via the Sporty’s Instrument Rating course or other FAA approved curriculum)

  • Have availability to schedule twice-a-day sessions 4-5 times a week

  • Have obtained their FAA medical and Private Pilot’s Certificate

  • Have accumulated the majority of the 50 hrs of cross-country PIC time


Key features of our accelerated program include:

  • Customized Training Schedule: Each pilot receives a personalized training schedule based on their availability and learning pace, allowing for efficient progression through the curriculum.

  • Comprehensive Ground School: Pilots undergo in-depth ground school instruction covering all essential topics required for the instrument rating, including instrument flight rules (IFR), instrument navigation, flight planning, weather theory, regulations, and instrument approaches.

  • Flight Training: Pilots receive structured flight lessons conducted by experienced flight instructors, focusing on developing advanced instrument flying skills such as precision approaches, holds, intercepts, and navigation using instrument flight rules (IFR).

  • Simulator Training: Flight simulators are utilized extensively to supplement flight training, providing pilots with realistic scenarios and the opportunity to practice instrument procedures, approaches, and emergency scenarios in a safe and controlled environment.

  • Checkride Preparation: Comprehensive preparation is provided for the FAA Instrument Rating Practical Test (checkride), including mock checkrides, oral exam practice, and flight proficiency evaluations to ensure pilots are thoroughly prepared for the test.

  • Real-world Scenarios: Pilots are exposed to real-world instrument flight scenarios, including adverse weather conditions, airspace restrictions, and air traffic control communications, to enhance their decision-making and situational awareness skills.

  • Continuous Progress Evaluation: Pilots receive regular feedback and progress evaluations from their instructors, allowing them to track their development and address any areas requiring improvement throughout the program.


By condensing the training timeline and providing a focused and immersive learning experience, our accelerated instrument rating program enables motivated pilots to enhance their skills and obtain their instrument rating in a shorter duration while maintaining the highest standards of safety and proficiency in instrument flight operations.



  • Valid Driver’s License 

  • Proof of Citizenship (or approved FTSP application) 

  • FAA Medical Certificate

  • Private Pilot’s Certificate

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